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Hotel Legends Biloxi

Hotel Legends is a full-service, 132 room all-suite hotel overlooking the beautiful Mississippi Sound in the heart of Biloxi. A snazzy hotel with spectacular accommodations and an unmatched standard of service awaits you from the moment you arrive. Comfortable rooms, fantastic dining, and incredible nightlife are all here waiting for you in the hottest hotel in Biloxi!

Sapphire Supper Club inside Hotel Legends

We’ve modeled this restaurant after the classic and ever-popular supper clubs from the 1930s and 40s. At the Sapphire Supper Club, you can experience what it was like to step into popular venues like the 500 Club, Gus Stevens Seafood Restaurant, and Club Saint-Germain. You’ll be glowing brighter than our custom-built light-up dining tables while sipping on a perfectly mixed martini listening to a band laying down some sweet tunes. It’ll be a gas!