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Embassy Suites Kansas City

The Grand Reserve, previously the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, is located at 925 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO, and was completed in 1921 to house the headquarters for the Federal Reserve Bank’s Tenth District (10-J).  The 10th District of the Federal Reserve includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and portions of western Missouri and northern New Mexico.  The Federal Reserve in Kansas City was second only to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in size of geographic area served and Federal Reserve Notes issued by the bank are identified by "J" on the face of one and two dollar bills and the J10 on the face of other currency.

The property was acquired by the Federal Reserve for $500,000 in 1918.  A Chicago-based architectural firm, Graham, Anderson, Probst and White, was selected to design the Building (the principals of which also designed several notable Chicago landmarks including the Wrigley Building, Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium).  It was built by the George A. Fuller Company, a builder of many early skyscrapers in cities including New York City and Chicago.  The building was the “main frame” for the Federal Reserve Banking system and was constructed and operated as a data center.  It includes a 5-lane shooting range in the basement that was utilized by the Secret Service onsite. The infrastructure and security in the building is at the highest level.

The building remains a dominant element in Downtown due to its architecture, history and current role in the revitalization of the area.  Today, the main lobby, mezzanine and lower-story elevator lobbies convey the grandeur of the original interior design.  The ground floor lobby remains the building’s most significant interior space, with the elevator lobby just as impressive, with marble, pendant lights, and brass elevator doors.

Former U.S. President Harry Truman had his office in Room 1107 of the building from when he left the Presidency in 1953 until the Truman Library was completed in 1957.  It was here where he wrote his memoirs 1945; Year of Decisions and Years of Trial and Hope. The Grand Reserve is an historic building that is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings.  It is considered one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Kansas City and one of its most attractive high rises.